Examining XSellCo and What the Tool Has to Offer

XSellCo is a top-ranked Amazon repricing tool that thousands of people make use of today, but popularity alone doesn’t mean software is worth using. That’s why we’re taking a close look at the features of the tool itself and how well the product actually performs for repricing products. Only after carefully reviewing the product can we either recommend it for sellers to make use of, or tell them to look at a different product instead.


  • Boosts sales numbers
  • Puts you ahead of the competition
  • Leads to a more profitable business
  • Only 14 day free trial

Instant Repricing

XSellCo makes use of Amazon Web Services, the platform that’s closely integrated with Amazon itself, to make sure that pricing adjustments go through as fast as possible. The software allows you to make price adjustments in realtime and will ensure that you change prices up or down faster than your competitors and that the changes happen seemingly instantly.
The software is capable of manually moving prices up or down without any input from you, which can be risky and supremely helpful all at the same time. With careful safeguards in place, XSellCo mostly offers beneficial repricing features without putting you at risk of dropping prices too low.

Works on Profit Margins and Incrementally Raises Prices

While other Amazon repricer tools will lower your product prices to dangerous levels that can even make your items unprofitable, this is never an issue with XSellCo. The product suite understands your profit margins and works to make sure you’re always selling at a positive level.
Not only that, but the software will gently raise the prices of your products after you hit the top of the Buy Box on Amazon so you can eek out every bit of profit possible while maintaining the highest sales volume possible. This is a particularly helpful feature that many other Amazon repricers don’t offer.

Careful Competition Analysis

Beating out competitors on Amazon isn’t always as simple as it seems, which is why it’s so important to work at overcoming other sellers and to carefully study what they are doing as well. XSellCo offers a Buy Box Predictor that will give you an idea of where your product is going to appear in the coveted Buy Box on Amazon just before a sale.
The tool also lets you look more closely at what your top ten competitors are doing, so you can figure out the secret to their success and how to overcome them most efficiently.

Simple and Rapid Repricing

By using simple rules and a very basic interface, XSellCo makes it very easy to quickly adjust the prices of any products that you like in your Amazon inventory. You can get prices changing in just minutes, helping you start generating more profits almost immediately while limiting the work that you actually need to do for those results. Some software solutions are needlessly complicated and offer way too many options, but XSellCo does most of the work for you so you don’t need to study manuals or talk with experts to figure out how to make the most of the software.

A Central Help Desk

One part of running successful online stores is answering customer questions and making sure that you are keeping everyone happy. XSellCo makes this easier to do by grouping all customer queries into one area.
If you sell on multiple platforms, or even just a single platform, this tool can help make sure that you see customer questions right away and that you don’t have to do very much to answer them helpfully.
Queries will all be displayed on the same screen, and they can even be managed by multiple members of your team for optimal efficiency.

Effectively Build More Positive Feedback

Most people selling products on platforms like Amazon realize the value of positive customer reviews. Most people trust Amazon reviews, and building good reviews can help your store sell products with more authority. Unfortunately, it takes time to build up a good solid base of customer reviews. XSellCo uses intelligent algorithms to automatically request feedback from a specific group of your customers.
The software is designed to ask for feedback from the customers that are most likely to leave positive reviews, so you aren’t just getting more feedback at the different platforms that you sell on, you’re getting more positive feedback as well.

Different Tier Pricing

If you’re considering working with XSellCo it’s important to become familiar with the different service tiers available for purchase. Small shop owners don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on the product in order to enjoy many of its most important features, but they will give up some of the functionality of the product that other larger companies might really need.
There are three different tier levels starting off at just $69 per month and climbing up to $349 per month, and those tiers offer different sets of features. At the lowest level there’s a limit of 5,000 SKUs, while the other tiers offer unlimited SKU coverage. The different tiers also offer different levels of competitor tracking, customer support and pricing tools and capabilities. It’s nice that so many different tiers are offered to customers interested in XSellCo, but it’s important to figure out what features are the most important to you so you know what the software will actually cost you.
XSellCo is a feature-rich tool for repricing products on Amazon, and is one of the few tools available today that puts a lot of emphasis on customer analysis. It also offers a very helpful feature that raises product prices after you get the top spot in the Buy Box on Amazon which can help you build your profits even more. It’s a good solid tool overall, and the low price of $69 monthly at the lowest level will help you start enjoying its benefits without needing a massive online operation to justify the tool. We were impressed by the features offered by this product, and found it to make really fast price adjustments compared to other common products offered today, which is why it comes highly recommended.

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