Looking at RepriceIt an Amazon Repricing Tool

Running an Amazon store isn’t easy and it takes time and effort to make work properly for most people. If you sell products on Amazon you likely want every single tool that you can get to make you successful on the platform. RepriceIt is a repricer tool designed to make you more successful on Amazon by making your products sell more effectively. The tool is designed to help you stand out against competitors by making product prices more desirable, but how well does it really work? Let’s take a close look at the actual features of the software and decide if the product is worth using or not for the average Amazon store owner.


  • Boosts sales numbers
  • Puts you ahead of the competition
  • Leads to a more profitable business
  • No telephone support

Excellent Pricing Tier Options

One of the things that RepriceIt does exceptionally well is splitting up its services across many different price tiers. The software is literally accessible to any store owner because the prices start off very low and then work up to higher levels as your needs increase. Users can start off paying as little as $9.95 for RepriceIt and then go up to higher tiers as their needs increase.
At the lowest level it’s possible to manage up to 500 items, and things quickly increase all the way up to a maximum of 100,000 items at the top tier for $79.95. Even at the highest price point the software is affordable compared to other solutions and it allows a huge number of products compared to some other solutions as well.
That’s why RepriceIt is an attractive solution for store owners at a wide range of levels.

Segmented Inventory Repricing

The repricing strategy that you use for some of your products might not work well for all of them. That’s why it’s important to be able to selectively apply repricing rules to different types of products in different categories and markets. RepriceIt makes it simple to segment different products into different categories any way that you like.
The software solution also makes it possible to set different repricing rules for different categories of products. That means high competition products can rely on different rules than low competition products so that you have the best results with every single product that you list on the website for resale.
The software even makes it possible to create specific repricing templates that you can reuse for different products at a later date. This is really helpful if you’re constantly adding new inventory and want to use similar repricing strategies with many different products.

Schedule Repricing

RepriceIt offers users the ability to schedule repricing tasks. It’s possible to get prices to change all throughout the day, or to just have repricing switch on and off at specific times during the day.
If you want to move prices at a specific time of the day you can do that with RepriceIt. The scheduling dashboard makes it easy to set different repricing templates to different time slots throughout the day. Set prices to change when you want them to and enjoy maximum control over the price of every single product in your online stores.

Shut Off Automatic Repricing Selectively

While it’s perfectly acceptable for some items to be repriced automatically, and desirable for the best results, sometimes it’s best if certain items are repriced manually. RepriceIt comes with a repricer exclusion tool that makes it possible to shut off automatic repricing to very specific products within your store. That means that you can prevent your most valuable products from being repriced automatically, you can exclude private label items, or just selectively pick and choose which inventory is going to change automatically and what you handle yourself. There’s a great deal of control offered by RepriceIt, which is really nice if you are a store owner that wants to really maintain control of what prices you are selling things at.

Carefully Maintain Individual Item Settings

With RepriceIt it’s possible to reprice items in categories, or to control individual items. It’s up to you how much control you want to take over the repricing. There are individual listing settings that can be edited in the software.
Users can very easily go into each individual item in their shop and set up rules to govern how they are priced to make sure that they sell at the appropriate levels.

A Detailed Repricing Report

RepriceIt offers users a regular repricing report so that they can see what’s happening after it happens. Some software programs will go ahead and change prices around without ever letting you know that it’s happening.
With RepriceIt you can track what is happening and make changes if you don’t’ agree with something. This helps you get into the mind of the software and learn more about how to effectively reprice items in your shop.
Not only that, but the reporting aspect of the software will help prevent you from being surprised when item prices change dramatically from day to day.

Competition Analysis Tools

Finally, RepriceIt offers tools to help you analyze your competitors and see what they are doing to beat you. You can very quickly tap into the minds of your major competitors and start working on strategies to beat them out with help from RepriceIt.
The software won’t tell you what you should be doing to crush the competition, but will give you the information that you need to make these sorts of important decisions on your own.
RepriceIt is software tool that’s focused specifically on Amazon product repricing and it’s a very capable tool for that purpose. It does offer as many general-purpose utilities as some of the other software solutions on the market today, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth utilizing as an Amazon store owner.
The software is really affordable, feature-rich and offers the right tools to really make a difference in what you can accomplish with your Amazon store. If you’re looking for a way to boost sales in your Amazon store and you don’t want to spend a fortune on repricing software, it’s worth looking into RepriceIt.
The software might not solve all of your problems, but will give you extra information to help you figure out what is going wrong, and help your store operate more efficiently as well.

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