Our Review of BQool Amazon Repricer Tool

Amazon repricer tools are quickly becoming widespread. While you might have just learned about these tools and what they can do for you, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which to use. There are literally dozens of options to pick from. That’s why we decided to put together carefully constructed reviews, to pick the good from the bad. BQool is a top-rated online Amazon repricer tool that’s being recommended heavily. We were impressed with the low cost of the software and some of the powerful tools like the profit calculator, but wanted to dig deeper and find out what all this tool has to offer. Keep reading to see if this repricer is the one for you or if you should still be looking for the right software for your needs specifically.


  • Boosts sales numbers
  • Puts you ahead of the competition
  • Leads to a more profitable business
  • Only 14 day free trial

A Helpful Profit Calculator​

One very nice feature offered by BQool is a profit calculator that takes into account all the most important variables involved with each particular product, helping you to figure out what your overall profit will be in the end. If you want to manually shift around prices, or you are doing some research this calculator can make your life easier. It takes into account shipping costs, the product price, the product cost, local taxes and other local expenses, as well as any Amazon fees involved to give you a pretty accurate overall profit rate. The calculator makes it really easy to see what sort of price range you can work in comfortably, and it works well for anyone trying to get the most profit from their business.

Intelligent Competition-Based Repricing Strategies​

BQool gives you the option to decide which types of customers you want to compete with and which ones you don’t. That means with the adjustment of a couple sliders you can tell the software that you are interested in going head-to-head with FBA or FBM sellers or Amazon themselves, or you can turn those types of customers off and make sure you’re only in the competitions that you are interested in. This is a really great feature that most other repricers don’t offer. The feature essentially lets you pick your battles and avoid fighting against tough competition that’s going to push your prices too low.

Powerful Filtering and Grouping

If you’re running a massive web store empire you might have thousands of different products that you are selling at once. BQool offers filters and search functions so that you can single out the products that you are most interested in at the time, and ignore all the others so you aren’t overwhelmed with everything that you’re dealing with. Quickly set up filters so that you can move from one group of products to another efficiently. Filters can be saved or used just one time, giving you more powerful control over all your listings and the price changes that you make in the future.

Bulk File Upload Support

If you’re coming from another Amazon repricing software solution there’s a chance that you’ll have a spreadsheet of preconfigured repricing rules all set up. BQool accepts Excel file uploads with rules and will make it easy for you to batch upload all your rules so you don’t have to spend hours doing it all manually.
This is perfect for serious experts that don’t have the time to redo steps they’ve already completed.

Designed to Compete with the Buy Box

The most successful sellers on Amazon show up at the top of the Buy Box when listing a product. BQool is designed to help you show at the top of the Buy Box effectively as often as possible. The software will carefully consider the price of the current Buy Box leader and make important decisions that will help you move up spots and gain more success with a particular product.

Schedule Repricing

It doesn’t always make sense to reprice items immediately after a competitor’s price changes. That’s why there are powerful scheduling tools available that allow you to set specific times of day for repricing to occur. If you want more control over when your different products are being repriced, you’ll love the scheduling feature that BQool makes available.

Monitoring Tools

Repricing tools aren’t helpful if they aren’t teaching you about success on Amazon as well. BQool offers useful insight tools that show price trends, look at competitors and examine important metrics like Buy Box win % and position to help you figure out what changes you can make in the future. This insights tool should help you single out products that aren’t worth selling and help you figure out how to make your other products more successful.

Many Different Price Tiers

BQool currently offers four different price tiers for its repricing central tool, and each of them comes with a different set of features for you to consider.

The main perk of the tiered structure for this particular product, is that you can make use of highly sophisticated repricing capabilities for the low price of just $25 at the lowest level currently, or even more affordably with an investment of just $22.50 per month when paying annually. That’s less than most other Amazon Repricer products available today, and it’s a pretty functional product.

There are other tiers that go up in price all the way to $100 per month, and they add in extra available listings from the minimum of 1,000 up to 10,000 and the ability to download reports and change settings in the bulk format. No matter what sort of features you need from BQool, you can easily change from one tier to the next to get exactly what you need.

BQool is designed for smaller online sellers than some of the other software solutions available today, and it’s priced at more affordable levels for that reason specifically. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a high quality repricing software that’s also pretty affordable, we strongly recommend this product. However, if you need to handle more than 10,000 listings at a time, you will want to look for a different solution instead.

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