An Honest Review of Feedvisor the Powerful Amazon Repricer

Feedvisor is a popular Amazon repricer that people are using all around the world today, but just how good is this tool for online retailers and small re-sellers? That’s what we aim to find out here. We’re testing out the Feedvisor tool to see just how it works, what sort of features the tool offers and whether or not it’s really a good value for the everyday reseller on Amazon.


  • Boosts sales numbers
  • Puts you ahead of the competition
  • Leads to a more profitable business
  • No free trial

Carefully Calculated Price Adjustments

Feedvisor advertises it’s potential to adjust prices up or down intelligently to help you maintain the highest level of profits possible. In order to achieve it’s goals the software relies on carefully crafted algorithms that are designed from big data software techniques and careful research.
More than 30,000 hours of research have been put into making the algorithms that make this software work, and that’s exactly why it’s able to create profitable price adjustments that will make your store more competitive, while limiting the profits that you lose through any adjustments made.

Target-Based Pricing Model

While it’s important to sell as many products as possible, it’s also important to minimize the products that you sell at a lower rate.
That’s why it’s nice that Feedvisor works in custom seller targets in order to optimize sales volume and pricing. That means, if you aren’t worried about selling too many of a particular product, you can enjoy higher priced sales than your competitors. If you really want to drive the volume on a particular item Feedvisor will dip prices down a bit further to help you reach your volume goals.
No matter what your goals are for your products, you can work in the right direction with the help of Feedvisor. You won’t be fighting against the software to try and reach the goals that are most important to you. that means you’ll likely achieve goals faster and end up getting more out of the software product than you would other tools.

Helpful Customer Service

As with any tool, there are bound to be a few snags here and there when you start using the product. It’s how the companies deal with problems that arise that separates them from one another, and Feedvisor is pretty impressive in that regard. The software company offers 24/7 customer service for any customer with a problem.
Whether you’re trying to make the software work, you need to know about some of the additional features, you’re having weird glitches that you didn’t expect, or you just want some more information about what Feedvisor has to offer, you can talk with a real person and get the help that you need and you don’t have to wait hours and hours to get in touch with help.

Multi-Channel Tracking

Many Amazon repricers are designed only to work in Amazon, which is good for those that deal exlusively with the platform, but if you list your products elsewhere as well that can make things difficult. Feedvisor will monitor and give you control over more platforms as needed. It works with Amazon, BigCommerce, Ebay, Shopify and Magento platforms. that means you can track items across all your shops and coordinate prices between those areas.
This is a feature that really makes this software stand out and it’s why Feedvisor is one of the most highly recommended solutions for resellers that work on many different platforms. Otherwise you’ll be tracking all your other shops manually or looking for another solution to do that for you, and it’s just inconvenient compared to what this software can offer you.

Help with the Amazon Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is the special little white box that most customers go through today when purchasing items. This box helps customers find the best value products and the items that are most likely to offer good results to the customers after they purchase them. Getting a top spot in that box means that you’ll sell many more products and have better long-term profits as a result. It’s not easy to do though.

First customers must do things like sell a certain number of items successfully, ensure they are selling new products, have good seller feedback with plenty of happy customers and have enough of a specific item available to be able to meet customer demand. After doing all those things it really comes down to pricing to get a top spot.
Feedvisor is constantly making adjustments to help its customers hit the top of the buy box after they reach eligibility status for a particular item. By investing in Feedvisor you can get a higher spot in the Buy Box, make significantly more sales on Amazon and enjoy more profits.

Good Plan Flexibility

Investing in a tool like an Amazon repricer is an important decision to make, but it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Different sized resellers will require more or less tools, capabilities and user accounts. Feedvisor offers different plan levels to different people depending on what they need.
This is an important setup because it means that the little guys don’t have to spend as much as the big name resellers do in order to enjoy the core features of Feedvisor. Those that need unlimited user accounts can get that with the highest level product from Feedvisor, while those that need just one or two user accounts can save money and cut a feature that isn’t important to them with a lower level account. Anyone considering purchasing Feedvisor should look closely at the different tier levels and choose the tier that offers the right feature set for their own personal needs.

Feedvisor is a highly adjustable repricer that’s designed for Amazon and more. It’s a capable tool that many people have success with online, and that’s likely thanks to all the time and effort that’s gone into the algorithm that drives pricing changes the software makes. It can be a bit expensive when compared to other products on the market today though, so it’s important to make sure that you really stand to benefit from a repricer before investing in this top quality product.

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