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Building a successful online store using platforms like Amazon and Ebay isn’t simple to do. Competition is cutthroat and there are constantly new improvements and methods that you have to keep track of for the highest level of success. Amazon repricers are specialized tools designed to help you remain more competitive when selling on Amazon, and Informed.co is a tool with that specific purpose in mind. It’s designed to be the only repricing tool that you’ll need for your web store, and we decided to give it a try to learn if it’s worth working with or not.


  • Boosts sales numbers
  • Puts you ahead of the competition
  • Leads to a more profitable business
  • Boosts sales numbers
  • Boosts sales numbers
  • Boosts sales numbers

Decent Marketplace Support

If you want to sell products on more than one marketplace Informed.co will make your life easier. It won’t work on every single marketplace out there, but it does work with Amazon, Ebay and Walmart depending on the subscription that you have.
If you work on those platforms you’ll love the capabilities that this software offers you. If you don’t work on all of those platforms, you will have the ability to expand to those platforms easy with this solution and still remain competitive on every single one of them while tracking everything that goes on with each of them. While other resellers need different software solutions for every marketplace that they work on, you can manage it all with Informed.co and save costs and time with the solution.

Safe Pricing Strategies

Informed.co takes into account all your costs involved with selling each particular product and gets information about what price levels you are comfortable working with. That makes the tool a very safe one to use.
Even though it will handle much of the repricing for you as the days go by, you still have the final say over what prices you are comfortable with letting your products go for.
You’ll always know that your products are not going to sell for any less than the minimum you have set, so you’ll never lose money on products that you’re selling when using this software. That will give you the confidence to work with the software and will make your experience better than some other software solutions do

Features Built in Repricng Rules for Different Competitors

You need different rules and tools to go up against different types of competitors when selling on Amazon and other websites online. That’s why Informed.co comes with unique rulesets for each type of competitor that you will come up against.
When you’re facing FBA or MFN sellers you’ll have different strategies to make use of. You’ll have different strategies in place depending on your seller rating, backordered status of different seller’s items and the handling time of the different products sold by your competitors.
By working with all these different tools you can get the most money from your listings and still edge out the competition. For instance, if you are selling products that ship faster than a competitor’s product, you can list at the same price as them and still outsell them thanks to your superior shipping times. Instead of cutting costs the software would recognize this opportunity and help you get as much cash out of the deal as possible while still preserving your sales along the way.

A Good Range of Prices

Informed.co is designed to work for small and large store owners effectively. The software solution is available at a wide range of price points from the low of $100 per month to the high of $200 per month, and the total number of features that you need really determines what sort of price you’ll have to pay to use the software.
At the low end the software supports 250 listings and offers support for Amazon and Ebay. It also only lets customers use predefined pricing strategies and doesn’t allow for customization. At the higher levels up to 10,000 listings are supported, additional marketplaces can be used including Walmart, and custom pricing strategies are allowed.
There’s no reason for you to struggle in a competitive market just because you don’t have the time or the knowledge to effectively price all the products that you’re selling online. Informed.co is a powerful software solution that promises to help you sell more products, to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, and to make sure you’re getting as much money out of every sale that you make as possible while still making sales. There’s nothing worse than missing out on a bunch of money because your software cut your prices too low unnecessarily, and that’s not going to be an issue with Informed.co.
It’s smart enough to help you avoid dropping prices too far and to lock in the most profits possible for each possible situation. It’s just a repricer, but the software is very capable at what it does and is the perfect option if you’re looking for a highly effective repricer for the platforms that you sell on the most.

Buy Box Optimization

The Buy Box is one of the most important aspects of Amazon’s platform today. It’s the small box that most buyers go through today before completing a purchase, and getting a top position in the box means that many more people are going to use your services. Informed.co is carefully optimized to help you succeed in the Buy Box and take more top positions in the box than your competitors. There’s no guarantee that you’ll hit the top spot in the Buy Box, but the software will help you get closer and that’s going to reflect in your sales figures.

Powerful Sales Analytics

Informed.co comes with analytics software designed to track your sales across all the different platforms you use to figure out how to optimize your business as much as possible.
From the moment that you begin using Informed.co you will have helpful information that you can use to boost profits and to become more successful over time. You’ll be able to make important business decisions, modify your pricing strategies and even change your inventory based on the information that you get from the tool.

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